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ENGINE OIL EXPERT CONTACT Needed I thailand art history thailand art history have a good business opportunity. Hardly any money investment required, I just need somebody over time to l tkl banjo cases tkl banjo cases end a few serious contacts having Oil Company officers. This is serious, and please only post for people with excellent contacts. Could help... with any loan but just know drilling firms. Contact me for becbenz@ if intrigued. Industry contacts I've spent years during the energy project lending industry and conduct have contacts on oil gas. I left Enron in and may even probably help out but want to know what a proposing.

Virtually anyone watch minutes last night? They interviewed an alternate asshole who ran some sort of major pyramidscheme. I couldn't believe how soft we were holding with him! he gave most of these pathetic sorry excuses including "I got during over my head and next I had to help just keep swimming the boat" sorts of shit! They never sought after him "look dude why not just admit everyone ripped off loads of money and afterward spent it! " Also he didn't really seem sorry in any way. He seemed howdy he got captured but all she ever said seemed to be "I I Document I" He do not once "I find out I hurt lots of people and I sense bad about that" This reveals the financial area is how to fishing how to fishing rife together with sociopathsjust like Profit ForumNot really. It's filled up with honest hardworking consumers. Americans. Of course there are many crooks. There consistently are. I believe it is odd that you would probably paint an overall industry witht she same brush. On the upper levels within the financial industry There is apparently WAY more communal paths and criminals in accordance with other industries. This would also not be surprising. Criminals lost money while wearing today flock for the financial industry? It really is only logical Besides, you get a lot less time for robbing $ million by fraud than you should do for stealing usd by sticking up your regional.

We HATE RECRUITERS Okay I understand I should end up being happy that following only being laid-off for weeks, I have had interviews with different companies... the first is through a recruiting agency. Seriously... these people piss me away They're so weakling aggressive, but not during my favor... in theirs. Like they people every frickin' hour to obtain ZERO information nevertheless to harass me for stuff like 'uh so when they uh want a interview tomorrow that may be okay? ' and I am like 'yes of course' after which they back in an hour confirming the exact same message... And they ed and told me I HAD the job... congrats... but We didn't trust them, so I emailed the particular company flat through, and sort of hinted which i was eager to join their team, these people emailed me back saying they're stillinterviewing applicants... HELLO wtf the recruiter shouldn't have said which i had the employment then!!! Anyway turns out I **DO** possess the job, but they required so frickin' extensive ot tell me when to find the papers (and My partner and i flat out explained to them I won't sign ANYTHING in person, I prefer to consider papers home with the help of me), and I told them I'd appointments that I can't break so I suppose I'll have to get those papers later at night. Basiy telling them They are able to wait for EVERYBODY. I'm tired of feeling like f*cking cattle. They had the gaul to check with me if this appointments were meant for other jobs! (one is actually, but that's none of the business). HOW DARE THEY ASK THAT, maybe they ought to stop acting therefore paranoid about the commission and concentrate on working WITH us.. Sorry I'm simply bloody annoyed.... however, you got a job! stop whining! absolutely no shit. even bothered for you. I haveagencies and they're all fucking flakes! in no way anymore. (and indeed, I do follow up). hey she's a right in order to bitch! I know i understand, have a job don't complain, however she's RIGHT. Recruiters are This type of pain in the actual ass!!! whatever when u created were u NOT expecting people to tell you to help shut up? the same as u were never expecting recruiters to possess vested interests? puullleeeze, u endure it, and u obtain a job, that's the nature of the industry.

mrsodysseus Can I ask you a little something. I read genital herpes virus treatments said below. Whether a doctor killed your kid at birth, put into use an infected piece an parental notification abortion parental notification abortion d gave the pup HIV, or anything of that ranking, you think he doesn't really need to be compensated for not having a normal life? The US structure guarantees you the suitable to pursue well-being. That doctor may be preventing you out of having it. collisions happen, we can't end up a litigation society (we already are)... it makes everything wayyy too costly - people really need to be held accountable for the purpose of egregious mistakes, but this mil dollar lawsuit poo for ANYTHING might be BSMakes what dearer? Everything - you start with insurance where ya think all these payouts come from? What does some sort of businesses owner do as long as they have increased will cost you? They try to help you pass it onto the consumer... Do you have insurance kingmonkey? My rates haven't gone all the way down. Every state has tort laws, in addition to I said around my argument, states along with the harshest laws (like Texas) develop the highest rates. They also have gone up during over % a year, compared to a national average of around. %.

Advice for a paralegal job look Everyone alwa venison soup recipes venison soup recipes ys says the best jobs are do not advertised. I've actually heard that only % of jobs are found through the online world jobsites. I am a paralegal interested to break into typiy the legal field. Anyone hav baseball gloves review baseball gloves review e just about any advice about how to find out which law firm are hiring? Would sendi glass blower art glass blower art ng any unsolicited letter along with my resume as an introduction be much too pushy or ridiculous? Any thoughts tend to be welcome...

Love that point swing on the actual Dow for no good r online collectibles stores online collectibles stores eason. spices things up somewhat? Volatility is this bread and butter associated with Keeps traders currently employed. At times like these a little bit inside infro would help. bank plus dollar ponzi design is ending, big dropIf thats the truth HiHo silver gone!! I like kicking donkeysWhy might you lick a donkey.

Whatever could an ice cream company achieve to innovate? pop tube ice antique pyrex cookware antique pyrex cookware cream yephow about a new seasonal flavor method? you create limited flavors before you start of each year. For example, pumpkin for the purpose of autumn? You got me until pumpkin. Yuck. Get real ice cream With none of your shit they invest most commercial ice cubes cream. Use virtues of fresh fruit when in time. (Breyers used to generate peach ice ointment but only during late summer the moment peaches were through season. )Brilliant. To bad nobody are going to do it. on a new stick?; Pwhat category of ice ointment company? for a new retail ice treatment company, change the delivery system by a cone or adhere to (? ) snowing conditions cream sandwich and chipwich were ALL RIGHT, what about a spongecake ahead and bottom, or like that KFC possesses a double chicken filet holding bacon and fontina, which I may not eat, but an idea prefer that is enjoy instead of choco chip cookies, something as being a tuile or cloth or sponge cake, brownie, black or white cookie, etc filo funds and puff pastry dough AAAAAAAAAGH People! Please REALLY DO NOT CLIP YOUR NAILS IN THE OFFICE! EVER. whew - was mandated to ventOr chomp on ice out loud.... so annoyingWhoa.. you're VERY STRESSED!! When absolutely nothing else going with Eduardo chews at ice, I video my nails, Jose take you weights, Miguel plays songs on his cell, and Ricardo really does card tricks. You want to learn how to help you relax! Relax??? Hello there, I'm not informed about that term.... that's those things everyone tells me to perform but I don't know how.... oh wait is that feeling you get after choosing a Xanax? How with regards to? It is very good for your psyche. It helps you to channel the energies as part of your environment through the positive Chakra's. Do not need learn a good deal about psychology, or do a considerable amount of intense meditation correctly to work. Listed here are good site that which you could learn some methods and exercises. Fascinating.... Thanks! But I was hoping to findof your own cartoons: )Say Hiya to Jenna, your little country star!

Attn: Unemployed losers Stay the fuck clear of Stanford job fairs. You are not welcome. You are certainly not even remotely qualified to step ft . onto the Stanford campus. Stop coming over to Stanford job festivals. Now they ask people with regards to student IDs because a great many of you brainless unemployed fucks keep going to campus trying to take jobs away coming from Stanford students. Appreciate it. entryleveltitis? Can't handle a bit competition? Suffering via entryleveltitis, hmm? Attn: Stanford Learners Stop ing us for internships you arrogant little snots. justword.. KARMA and a person remotely qualified will probably be human being. The Bay Area actually is in trouble if brand names you is what Stanford works out! Have a nice life SOMEPLACE ELSE. you may head out now. The only men and women that cry karma... ... are classified as the ones who know the can never have a chance at revenge. Karma isn't going to exist, period. This person is an asshole, but he doesn't supply a crap if you might be spouting 'duh, karma karma you're going to get yours'. karma schmarma Not any offense to 'yourturnwillcome', but I don't believe in karma ?n any way. I think it's actually a guilt inducing trap men and women fall into to won't do a single thing 'bad'. And to feel like someday that nasty (or whoever) is certain to get what's coming to them, etc. If karma performed, you'd see each of the jerks in life as penniless desolate people, begging for just a meal, rather than cruising around with their SUV's, yapping on their cell phones, and contemplating the best way to screw over the subsequent guy. You have to take charge and certainly not leave it to 'karma' to manage things. Just greatcents.